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Keeping the American Dream alive for Ohio's families


Across our communities, the middle class is fading away.

What remains is a landscape of struggle — families working hard but still falling short of the storied American Dream. We're working to change this, and we need your help. Through a collaboration with Schmidt Futures, Ohio State is leading a community-wide effort and seeking your best ideas to:


How the Alliance for the American Dream works


Man and woman sitting on steps in front of a house.

2018 Winner Power of Home

With the help of Schmidt Futures, we're launching a program that empowers new homebuyers on the edge of the middle class to increase the value of their properties.

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Explore 2018 ideas and outcomes


Our partnership with Schmidt Futures

In 2018, philanthropic initiative Schmidt Futures challenged U.S. communities anchored by public research universities to dream up ideas to bolster the middle class and move people out of poverty. After a nationwide search, Ohio State was selected as one of four universities to join the effort.

“Columbus is a perfect place to find great, fresh ideas. We are delighted to support them as they fuel an innovation engine to help distressed communities and expand the middle class.” Eric Schmidt
Schmidt Futures
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