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The Journey

The university has pared its capabilities, knowledge and research strengths with those of our community partners at large. By doing so, we are leading the overarching community through an idea generation process aimed at yielding bold, impactful and sustainable solutions to this complex issue.

Our approach has been to have members of our communities, thought leaders, business leaders and university join together to generate ideas that will improve the lives of middle class families in Ohio by 2020 — extending to communities across the United State in the years to come. Our progress is represented in a timeline below, both historically and milestones ahead.

January 29, 2019

Final Team Presentations to Schmidt Futures

December 10 2018

Top 3 proposals announced

December 3 2018

Final proposal presentations

November 26 2018

Final proposal submission

November 2018

Proposal revisions

October 2018

Proposal revisions

Late September 2018

Initial proposal reviews

Late August through Early September 2018

Initial proposal development

Mid-August 2018

Idea selection and funding announcement

Late July through Early August 2018

Idea review

July 15 2018

Idea submission closes

June 15–29 2018

June 1 2018

Idea submission opens

May 15 2018

Initiative launches

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